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Tar.Ox Braking T & C

Since the early 1980's Tar.Ox brake systems and components have been associated with absolute quality coupled with outstanding performance. The preferred choice by road and track users alike.

If you want to stop quicker and look good doing it, then Tar.Ox brakes are the brakes to have as there is no compromise on performance to get the style, style comes included with Tar.Ox brakes. after all it's am Italian company....

Do not be fooled by other brands, and even other big named brands, as not all brake manufacturing companies believe in the same ethos and therefore, you get what you pay for and sometimes that is not really very much.

All Tar.Ox brakes components are made in house in Italy, no farming the job out to fear eastern countries where the quality control suffers and everything is built to a price. With Tar.Ox brakes everything is built to the highest standard and then a price give and its a true price a measure of its quality and the workmanship that went into making them.

So that's the reason why Tar.Ox brake components are priced high..... you are actually paying for more than just a name. Tar.Ox brakes are the height of engineering and as far as we are concerned, second to none and they have a good warranty system in place to help everyone out.

Whether you are buying to use for your road car or for the track, we consider there to be no better solution than to put your life into the hands of Tar.Ox brake systems. We would not hesitate to push our cars to the limit with Tar.Ox brakes installed.

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