Welcome to Tech Autos.

Our website is going through a top to bottom live update and overhaul. It still works as it should but international shipping prices may need to be adjusted. We are streamlining it so it's easier and faster to use (hopefully). Any problems or if you just have a question please get in contact.

We have created this website with very useful data which allows you to get access to the very best top end products and accessories for your car and a service you'll be happy with recommending. Our goal is to make you happy, as those that are happy talk to others about what and whom is making them happy. hopefully that will be us and our wonderful customer service and our excellent product line up.

This website is constantly evolving and expanding with new pages being added weekly, so whilst we restructure the site (call it a live update) we have kept it to four product groups. If you want something that is not here, please just ask.


Here is the line up for the four product groups you'll find here at Tech Autos

Our Cover range includes.

 A note about Galactic outdoor covers, they are not Teflon coated, and will be edited out on the rebuild

Car Carpets.
Classic Car Carpets that are handmade to order in London UK with your input and in three flavours and plenty of ways to create the perfect set.

Performance Engine.
Forge Motorsport are the best in the world and look awesome doing what they do, second to absolutely no one we think.

Performance Braking.
Tarox Brakes have never let us down, on the road or on the track, unlike some of the others. We use Tar.Ox Brakes so why shouldn't you?

If what we have written does not help you get to where you want to be or if you can't find the answer please call for a friendly chat on +44 (0) 2081 44 33 55 or email us. We are available between 12:00 and 22:00 London UK Time Monday to Friday... And we respond over the weekend too.

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