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Here you'll get a old school service backed up with a wealth of knowledge and some of the best Car Parts and Accessories you can get your hands on.

Our website was created to be as informative as possible as well as allowing you to get access to the very best products and accessories for your car, with a personal level of service we are sure you'll be more than happy with recommending... Try us you'll be pleasantly surprised. We are in the midst of a live update so please bear with us.

COVID-19 Updates

Today we are all indoors (hopefully) as we deal with the COVID-19 virus in our own individual way, but collectively as one community, one town and as one Nation.
We're six weeks in and this new world we will all emerging into will be vastly different from the one we have become so used to. Therefore please don't assume that what was once the norm will still be as it may not be, so we all need to adjust as we all take this one day at a time. But together as one.

Please remember this.

Right now, this very second, we’re making history for our future children to read and watch.
Please make sure that they know we did absolutely everything we possibly could do to make their world a better and safer place than ours is right now. J.J.I.

Manufacturers and suppliers update.

Below are the updates from each of the companies we have on our site today. We are alive and still strong and open, the rest are....

The Carpet Factory: Open but with 1/4 of its skilled staff, they are doing their best to keep up with the high demand and estimating 2 to 6 weeks for machine cut sets, anything hand cut or any templating will be secondary, but ask just in case as you never know the answer till you do.
Car Covers: Both factories still open functioning on a reduced staff.
Forge Motorsport: Are there just so please get in touch before ordering.
Tar.Ox: Waiting on news but their website doesn't say anything useful

All factories and suppliers are functioning so we can too.
Couriers are running but at a reduced service.
Please ignore delivery times and just watch your tracking on line, as we have no control over what the courier does or how much they charge, but the couriers milked Brexit for all its worth so one can assume they will milk this to; If your shipping increases over the build period; then we will let you know and go from there.
We all have take this one day and one step into the unknown at a time..

If anything changes, we'll update you here or call 02081 44 33 55 for a chat or send us an email.

Our service to you

We're Old School and remember when customer services were on a one to one personal thing, that's not the case on the cold dark lonely Internet. We here at Tech Autos are very much Talk first Type later kind of company, so a call after midday is all it takes to get the ball rolling. As an example of what we do, if you buy one of our handmade to order Classic Car Carpet sets, we would be with you all the way through till its fitted and we'll advise and answer any questions you make have... As it happens any carpet set you see fitted, that's one of our client's cars. No studio shots. You'll get full support even late in the evening too. We want you smiling for years to come, as those that smile tell their world around them, why and whom. We look after those that look after us.

Website Overhaul and Updates

unfortunately, we have an eBay and being eBay, eBay make sure your day is full of admin and things that will scare you if you don't do it. There's not a lot left in the day for updating our website, but it's happening week by week, a yearlong live update, and at all times it will remain fully functional. This is to clean it up and to make it far easier for you to use, order and find what you want and then restructure for new products which we have tones of, just not time... So, all we ask is that if there is a problem or you can't find what you need or something's not right, please let us know and we'll get right onto it. But over the coming months we'll be adding thousands of products. So please bookmark or add us to your favourites.

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