About Tech Autos

A very short History
The founder of Tech Autos has been in the automotive world since before he was a teenager, customising and performance and tuning. It all started from his parents house at the age of 12 with his first build, a Yamonda motorbike, Yamaha FS1E with a Honda C90 Cub auto engine fitted with the help of his SIP arc welder and a Haynes manual....??? From that to full blown F1 cars and everything in between a plethora of experience with road and race cars of all marques, especially Italian. This how we found out what is good and bad about the automotive industry, especially the parts supply side.

Our Goal
To make you smile as those that smile talk to others about what and whom is making them smile, hopefully us and our interestingly different customer care and our yummy product line up. This company was set up to work with suppliers that are market leaders in their field. We work direct with the factory or importers that we have known and worked with for years. Some over 20 years. The relationship we have with theses companies allows us to be able to provide you with a level of service that hopefully you will find second to none.

Product Quality
Their products must be made to the highest standards, made from the highest quality materials which are built to last. Our suppliers must have a back up service that is not only good for them but also good for you and Tech Autos so no one looses. A good warranty is all part of it. We do not work with imported cheap inferior products that flood the UK market. An inferior product will only require replacement much sooner and we don't want that. We want you to fit and forget, or fit and admire your handy work then smile... All the while knowing that if it does go wrong and sometimes it does or if there is a problem there is someone on hand to help out.

Not always in stock?
Some of the products we supply are not available off the shelf and that is because they have to be hand made here in the UK but as long as you are prepared to wait the smiles will be worth it in the end. To keep things simple no physical stock is held here at the Tech Autos office if we can help it. Nearly everything we supply is shipped direct from the factories and suppliers to your work or home. What is the point of having a massive building and shipping stock there, shelving and organising, paying couriers and staff, when it can be shipped from the factory to you.. It only adds to the costs and workload.

Moving forwards in time.
We do not like to stand still here at TA so this website is evolving, growing and being edited all the time. For the moment we are getting the functionality and usability correct. Once that is done we will flood it with even more products. More is being uploaded daily.

Are we better than some other sites out there?
Simply put, we like to think so. This is a no nonsense site, informative as well as functional. There are plenty of help files in the Our Product Information Pages. Have a look, if there is something missing or you want to add information, please get in touch and we will discuss it. Where we feel that our site is a cut above the rest is that each page is tailored to that one car and no other car is mentioned. This is unlike other sites out there. We also have internal links to other alternative products, upgrades or service parts and much more. Anything to make life easier and less confusing. Every page is hand created (of sorts) which means that links have to be done manually, therefore very time consuming. So please bare with us.

Opening hours.
We do have strange opening hours (If you're in the UK), we start taking calls at 12.00 Midday and try and shut down at 22.00 UK time, this allows us to chat to you after you get home from work and into the night, but for international buyers, it means that you can chat to us in real time and get answers to a question then and there, not waiting on emails 24 hours later.

If you would like to see what others are saying about us, please do not hesitate to look at our eBay shop's Feedback page.

As far as we are concerned the sale has not been finalised and we are not satisfied till the parts have been fitted and you are smiling from ear to ear. We have been around for decades. We love all things cars but most of all we like to have the best of what is available and will not settle for less...Nor should you.

For more information please feel free to call +44 (0) 2081 443355 for a chat or send us an email.