Contact Us Page We are happy to help with any enquiry you may have, even if it's is a product or service that is not available on our website.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
12.00 Midday to 22.00 (10 pm ) GMT/BST.

Please note.
We are not lazy or have other jobs, it's just that working people do very little in the way communicating in the morning, but loads in the afternoon to early evening, so we all agreed on these times and it does work, especially for the international crowd.
This means that it is usually easier for us to have a good old chat with us in the late afternoons to evenings, so feel free to call.

You can always call us for a warm and friendly chat about anything car or Tech Autos related.

02081 44 33 55 or +44 (0) 2081 44 33 55

For the international world, why not call us or instant message us on Skype,** it's free?
Our Skype User name is :- Techautosuk

You may get an answering machine, so leave your contact details and times for us to call you and we will call you back.

Email Addresses.
Your life with us starts with an email file, so go for it, plus if you would like a paper trail for your cars history folder, then feel free to email us.

For sales enquiries, stock levels, shipping quotes, pre and post-sales technical support and anything sales related, please email us on : -

For general enquiries, relating to the technical support, website problems, payments and anything that is not sales related, please email us on :-

What you need to put in your email.
Your cars full details
Your contact information
The basis of your enquiry.
Oh yes and add your name. Simple request but a lot of you just don't do it.
All information is useful and helpful in getting your enquiry dealt with quickly, the more info the better.

Our response times.
We will do our best to write or call back as soon as we see your message, defiantly within 24 hours. (Should not take that long).
If you do not hear back from us, it is usually that we didn't get it as not all emails get to where they are going, so try again.
if you leave a telephone number, feel free to add times to for us to call you back so we did not disturb you unwittingly.

** If you not in the UK, then we advise to install Skype on your smart phone (Android, iPhone, Windows phone..etc..) or computer, its free to chat to us....
By clicking this sentence you will be taken to Skype's main page. (Opens a new window or tab)

We respond to both Skype calls and Skype instant messages.
If your new to Skype, once installed, copy our user name Techautosuk into the search part of Skype and click Search Skype.
There may be more than one, but only one in the UK so keep an eye out for our Orange logo..

Have fun till then and thank you in advance form all at Tech Autos.

Oh one last thing....
Applicable to only the few... (more like 2 a week)
This part of the message applies only to those lovely ladies from outside the UK. who are looking for a UK man and his money with a view to marrying him so you can get a UK passport and eventually all his financial worth including his house...
Please do not attempt to contact us as we will only respond to business calls and business instant message. Nothing you can say will win us over. We get at least one or two attempts a week, so please save yourself time, by looking for another unsuspecting victim to give you the free ride into the UK which is what you are looking for... Thank you.