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We are trying to make it faster and easy for you to search and shop here, by giving each car it's own specific and unique Car part number (Quick Car Code).
So what is it and how do I get one?
It's a time saver and a car part number, as simple as that. Every car will be allocated a specific set of numbers, a code, so when you find your car on our website for the first time, there should be a code allocated to it at the top of every category page and then one for the individual product category page associated with that car. The second way you will get one is when you order, we will send it to you in your Confirmation / Tracking email.
Why not use the number plate system? I hear you cry.
Good point, but it has three slight problems with the ones available in the UK.
1) The cars we supply parts for go back as far as 1913 so not all the registrations are on there, if you enter your registration in; it's hit or miss if you get a result.
2) We look after the entire globe not just Blighty, so none of the international car registration numbers work on our systems in the UK. So pointless.
3) Every time you add your registration number into one of those, whether you get a result or not, the owners get a nice fee to pay for the privilege.. err no thanks.
The Revamp and Update of our website.
We are rebuilding this site from Top to Toe with up-to-date Google friendly code. so when you see the message below in any category, everything we have for that car has been uploaded. We are restricting to 4 products groups whilst rebuilding for speed and simplicity. Once complete we should be able to upload many more products.
Top Category message.
"Each car in this category will have its own individual and unique Quick Car Codes at the top of the page. Please note the number of your car to speed up your next search.
Click for a guide."
Car Category message
"Quick Car Code V02VGOL1218GTI
Please note the number to speed up your next search.
Click for a guide."
How to work out the code.
V02V Volkswagen is the 2nd V in the car alphabet, Vauxhall is the 1st.
V02VGOL The Model, this is a Golf
V02VGOL1 The series or Mark, this is a Mk1
V02VGOL12 Body type, It's a hatchback so it's a 2, but for Cabrio its a 1.
V02VGOL1218GTI The CC. It's a 1.8 GTi, if it was a 1.6 Diesel, it would end in 16D
Or in the case of a Porsche Boxster 981 Gen III 2.7
P05P Porsche
P05PBOXT The Model, this is a Boxster
P05PBOXTIII Series or Mark, this is a Gen III car
P05PBOXTIII Body type, none on this car as they are all Roadsters.
Or in the case of a Triumph 2.5 Pi Mk2 Estate
T04T Triumph
T04T25PI Model, this is a 2.5 Pi
T04T25PI1 Series or Mark, this is a Mk1
T04T25PI14 Body type, 4 is an Estate & 3 is the Saloon version
T04T25PI14 The CC. There are none, so no need to add anything else.
These are the body numbers (Only allocated when more than one body type)
0 Coupe, Coupe 2+2, Coupe 4 Door, Coupe GT & Fast/Liftback Coupe... Etc.
1 Cabriolet/Cabrio, Convertible. OTS, Roadster, Spider/Spyder, Targa Top & Tourer... Etc.
2 Hatchback... Etc.
3 Saloon, Fast/Liftback Saloon, Berlina, Saloon LWB / SWB... Etc.
4 Estate, Avant, Station Wagon, Touring, Variant & Wagen/Wagon... Etc.
5 4x4, Luxury 4x4 & Compact 4x4... Etc.
6 Crossover, MPV & SUV... Etc.
7 City Car & Micro Car... Etc.
8 Limousine... Etc.
9 Camper, Pick-Up, Van, Camionette & Others... Etc.
... And when I get mine what do I do with it?
Copy it and keep it safe for the next time you come back. All you do is add it to the search box on the home page or any page you land on and if we have done our job properly everything for your car should be listed in front of you. Then you just pick the part you want.
Simple, yes?
But not all cars have the car codes yet, why is that?
Building a list of cars is a mammoth task as there are body styles and special editions, then all of those have many different engine sizes, so the first thing to do is build the website with the engine sizes and then you can allocate a code to them, we are still building the engine sizes, won't be long though, but we estimate there should be around 250,000 cars to enter.. so we have some way to go.
Click Here. to let us know what you think of the Quick Car Code system.
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