Firstly to all international orders please be aware
Courier companies have added a strict policy of no combustible materials and no spray cans.

This means that we cannot send the glue, if we do it may get found as it is scanned and then it will be sent back to us, we remove the glue and then send it again. Not only does this take a lot of time we will also be billed for two shipping costs.

So in light of that fact we will no longer be sending glue internationally.

You can get carpet glue from any DIY trade shop in any part of the world so it is readily available.

If you have already padded and paid for it, we will let you know and refund the cost of the glue.

Shipping.... The info we need to know.
All shipping will require a signature, so please bare that in mind when choosing the delivery address, also most couriers work normal working hours, again something to consider.

You can have it delivered to anywhere in the world, we do not mind as long as it is convenient to you and also not too difficult for the driver.

Oh and please remember we need your details written in English first and your native language second, if you so desire to use it as well

This list is what most courier require to make sure that the couriers world spins in the right direction.

1) Your Full Name
2) You full unedited address.
3) A contact number or numbers.
4) A contact email address as some couriers email you tacking info.
5) Details on how to find you if you're somewhere interesting..
6) If being left at a reception, please let us know.

Rural Areas Fee
For all those in Rural Areas, we regretfully have to inform you of a RAT ( Rural Areas Tax ) imposed by the courier companies.
To find out if you’re going to have to pay extra for shipping, please click the RAT FINDER link to be taken to the DHL website and it's search page.
If they say you are, then other courier companies are likely to follow. Equally, not all couriers feel the same way, but if we find out you are, we will let you know as we normally check the shipping costs on every order.

Unfortunately for you, if you are you eligible for RAT then it's going to cost £20.99 on top of the shipping charge.
To add it to your shopping basket, please click here and a new tab or window will appear, then add it as per the order you have just done.

As shipping Post Office Services and Courier cost change monthly, we reserve the right to amend the shipping cost if we find it has either risen or reduced in cost, either way we will contact you to let you know. You can then let us know whether you would like to continue or not.

How are the shipping costs calculated?
All shipping on our site is calculated on a 0.5 Kg scale up to 20 Kg's thereafter it changes to 1 Kg increments up to 75 Kg's for Air and 69 Kg's for Land. Please contact us for overweight costs.

International couriers use Volumetric Weight (VKg's *), not Actual Weight. :-
If the box is 102 x 60 x 20cm with an actual weight of 14.5 Kg's, the couriers calculate it like this :- 102 x 60 x 20cm / 5000 = 23.256 VKg's* It works out to be 23.5 Kg's in weight. They charge you that figure.
* VKg's = Volumetric Kilo Grams

Please contact us by email or call on +44 (0) 2081 443355 if your country is not listed or if you are not sure or if you are feel it is higher that it should be cheaper for your country and we will investigate it and if needed, adjust accordingly.

UK orders.
Everything should be sent out on an overnight signed for service, this in theory should arrive the next working day, but courier and the New Post Office are not always on time, so please allow at least two working days for your order to arrive.

International orders.
Dispatched on both air and over land signed for couriers to keep the prices to the minimum. Delivery will be between 2 to 7 working days depending on where you are in the world.

Please be aware of what shipping costs you actually pay for:
The cost of the chosen shipping service is estimated by the weight, size, and destination of the package, The sizes combined creates the Volumetric Weight which the couriers prefer as it increases the weight and therefore they can charge more...
This is shown on the printed package label.

The cost of shipping insurance which averages around 5% of the total item value, so if your purchase is £155.34, we would estimate that the insurance is about £7.77, which we include in your quote/costs. Sometimes shown on the printed package label.

The cost of packaging which varies from £0.32 to £9.80 depending on the size and type of package. Boexs are not cheap to purchase even in bulk.
Not shown on the printed package label.

The cost of bubble wrap and tape if it is necessary for the package. This can be inexcess of £2.00 depending on the size and type of package.
Not shown on the printed package label.

The cost of the label and printer ink.
Not shown on the printed package label.

The cost of the labour to actually pack itand get it ready for shipment. This cost is dependant oin the item
Not shown on the printed package label.

.....And finally.... All eBay sales.
All UK & international eBay sales plus all eBay shipping costs are subject to eBay's specific category final valuation fees.
This will increase the cost of the item itself and your international shipping costs.
In other words.
Everything you buy through eBay has some kind of fee attached, you may not see it but someone has to pay them, sorry.
Everything you purchase has these eBay fees attached.
1) The monthly fees we pay on our account.
2) The upload fee, we pay to get the advert up there.
3) The Final Valuation Fee we pay for the item, varies depending on the item.
4) The Final Valuation Fee we pay for the shipping cost, same as above.!!!

Yes, eBay is so greedy it wants paying for you to have it shipped, so your eBay shipping costs can be anything up to 10% more and the only one that benefits is eBay, not you and not us, just eBay and it's greedy shareholders.

But it's free shipping, it says so on the eBay advert, I hear you cry...
Sorry that's marketing blurb from eBay so that we include the shipping costs into the retail price and therefore guarantee eBay's Final Valuation Fee, if we don't do it we get penalised on search results too..
eBay is all about fees...  We pay, but include them in the retail price and shipping costs.
eBay is no longer the cheapest or easiest place to purchase from anymore....
Please consider this when choosing which is the best place to buy.

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