Very important notice regarding the discount codes.

Please only use the discount code that applies to the product you are purchasing.!

If you use the code for the wrong item, we will change it and let you know that it has been changed, then update your invoice accordingly and request an extra payment.

By adding this code to anything other than CAP or a CZ Stocked products will only slow the process down and leave you with a bad feeling as we ask for more money.

Please use the correct code for the correct product, then no one will be dissapointed and the order will sail through.

Sorry to have to put this notice up, but so far 75% of you have done exactly this.. Hence the message.

Discount on Bulk Buy carpets.

There is always a way to get something a bit cheaper, discount codes, club participation, fluttering your eyelids etc...

But there is one more way and that is Bulk Buyers Discount. (BBD for short.)

Simplest thing ever, get a bunch of like minded people in one place at the same time (sort of, you know what I mean) and chat. Once chatting is done, put your preliminary order in via email.

There will be a dead line, so be in by the closing date to qualify, no stragglers....

When we know the amount of orders that are going to be placed at one time, we can chat to the factory to get a special price for you.

Everyone wins.

So it is as easy as chatting to get a discount.

Well not quite..... Here is the sting...

Because we humans are a fickle bunch and when we say we will do something, but sometimes we won't or don't, just look at the difference betwixt the election poles and the voting results...

I will be on hand, once you invite me into your club or forum to do a lot of the chatting, answering questions, explaining etc... But I would appreciate if you would chat to each other to keep the ball rolling as the deadline approaches.

So let me remind you, the discount will be based on the amount of orders placed at one time, so if we have 10 of you wanting, but only 5 are going to put their cash in, then the discount level will not be the same as for the 10 carpets. We see this time and time again and all it does, is let those down who are buying now.

Plus, getting a quote on something your not going to be buying now based on a BBD is a pointless exercise, so please if you want to join in, then do so, but not if your going to pull out and reduce discount level for others. You will be named and shamed. Honest punters only please....

So the best way to look at this is this. If your restoring you car, or you want to tidy it up, then at some point you're going to possibly replace your carpet set, if you leave it to the very end, you could be paying for inflation and full price as some of you take years to complete your cars as life has a habit of getting in the way of our fun time.

So buy now, at a cheaper price, store it (out of the box and flat) and you'll be happy as Larry.. (Just ask Larry) (who was Larry anyway?)

For more information or help and advice please feel free to call +44 (0) 2081 443355 for a chat or send us an email.